My Favorite Videos

Hey Friends,

I’ve made a lot of videos for my YouTube channel that I’m very proud of.  Be sure to check them out.  Click these links to see a few of my personal favorites.

10 Commandments of Concealed Carry

Best .45acp Handgun. Period

Walther PPS 9mm – Great Concealed Carry Choice

7 Reasons Why People Choose 9mm Handguns over .40s&w

Will a .22lr Penetrate a Steel Entry Door from 200 Yards? 

.410 Shotgun Good for Self Defense? (Range Test)

The Quietest .22lr You Ever Heard

Shooting 9mm .40s&w &.45acp at a Windshield

Is a 20 Gauge Shotgun Good for Home Defense?

HTA 90/22 Bullpup for Ruger 10/22