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The Kahr CT45 is a low cost excellent .45acp handgun. Priced at between $325 – $340, I can’t think of a better deal out there for this type of quality. From the trigger to the weight to the shooting accuracy this gun is a great deal. The quality and craftsmanship of Kahr was not compromised with the CT45.
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2 Responses to “Kahr CT45 – Low Cost Excellence – TheFireArmGuy”

  1. Jeff Shouse Says:

    I was curious if you have tested this firearm with JHP ammunition. If so, has it performed as reliably as it does in this video?

    I’m wondering because once upon a time I did actually own a P45 and it’s the only gun that I’ve ever had from Kahr that did not function reliably. It handled FMJ fine but I could not find any common JHP load that it would handle reliably, even after a couple trips back to the factory.

  2. thefirearmguy@gmail.com Says:

    Hey Jeff thanks for the message on my site. Honestly I didn’t shoot any HP through the CT45 but now you have me curious. So I will try to hit an indoor range this week to try it out. My initial thoughts are that it would be no problem but I will make sure and let you know.

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